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Fire can be devastating – causing loss of life, and millions of pounds worth of damage to buildings and businesses.

It is therefore a legal requirement that an up to date Fire Risk Assessment is in place for most buildings and businesses, including many buildings providing accommodation.

If you are a Landlord, Owner or Manager of these buildings or business YOU may be identified as the ‘Responsible Person’ who must ensure that the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and that fire safety measures are put in place. This can make you legally responsible in case of fire.

Newcross has qualified and experience Fire Risk Assessors, who are competent to complete our Fire Safety Audits and help to provide a suitable Fire Risk Assessment for your site.

Fire Risk Assessments our carried out as part of our Health and Safety contracts, but can also be completed as a one off service.

The Fire Safety Audit helps you to understand the fire risks and controls within your buildings and businesses, and highlights areas that require action to ensure the risk from fire is reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.

Our documentation and reports are easy to read and understand, helping you to put in place any required actions quickly and efficiently.

Newcross is also able to offer Fire Warden training and other Fire Awareness and safety courses to help ensure that suitable measures are put in place following your Fire Risk Assessment.