Consultancy Service

Business Meeting

Newcross can provide short term help and support to on site management on projects which help spread the workload. We provide operational & training support to help line managers who may well be focused on core objectives.

We can provide intelligent and thoughtful support for projects & personnel whilst the company undergoes change. We can help manage that process and develop systems to ensure staff are not left behind during the process itself.

Along with skills in key areas such as Man-Management, Change Management & Developing Training Needs, Newcross can help with general operations including Sales. Sales Training & Sales Team development are crucial elements of any Sales Team.

Newcross has the experience and the capability to deliver the help and support required by your business.

Newcross Management Consultancy has experience in the following fields:

  • Risk Management

  • Health and Safety

  • Training

  • Sales

  • Logistics

  • Distribution

  • Warehousing

  • Retail


If you require any further information please contact us on 01789 490741 or email on