Inscription COVID-19 on blue background.

As I’m sure you will all know, guidance has been released by the government following the announcement on 10th May for workplaces to become COVID-19 Secure, and ensure that suitable steps are taken to protect staff and visitors who are in those workplaces.


The guidance still remains that if it is possible for your staff to work from home, they should – ensuring that their health and welfare is still being checked and maintained.

Also for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, or living with anyone with symptoms, should self-isolate and not travel to work.


It is important that all businesses carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment in consultation with workers or trade unions to help identify the risks, and ensure that control measures are in place, and that this information is passed onto all staff and relevant parties.


Companies with over 50 employees are expected to publish the results of their risk assessments on their website.


All aspects of the businesses that may be affected by COVID-19 should be assessed, and it should focus on ensuring 2 metres social distancing controls, or alternative controls to manage transmission risk where 2 metres cannot be achieved (such as barriers, new shift patterns, minimising numbers of people in work teams, or ensuring colleagues are facing away from each other).


Cleaning processes should be reviewed to ensure that more frequent cleaning schedules are in place, particularly high-contact objects, like door handles and keyboards.

Additional hand-washing stations, or hand sanitising facilities should be in place especially at entry and exit points.

Shared equipment should be minimised where possible, e.g. touchscreens, and hand cleaning should be encouraged more frequently between use of equipment.


Below is the COVID-19 Secure Checklist & 5 Step Declaration, which may help to ensure your workplace is fully compliant


In support of this, Newcross have been able to offer Return to work guidance for managers / staff / visitors and contractors, and we are carrying out interim risk assessments for all work tasks we are involved in.